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Awarding the young generation

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Since the beginning, miart has set a system of strong partnerships, which provide the participants at the fair with focused prizes and acquisitions funds. Besides the engagement of the very same Fiera Milano organization, which acquires works of art with a 100,000 EUR budget and to which we will dedicate an insight on another occasion, in this story we talk about one of them: the . Conceived for the best young gallery stand within the Emergent section, which is populated only by galleries with 5 years (or less) of activity, the prize is awarded by a different jury every year. The winner gallery of the 2016 edition was the Madrid-based garcía galería, which presented the talented Danish artist Rasmus Nilausen and the Spanish artist Karlos Gil, and with a special mention to the display too.



Rasmus Nilausen, Polyglossia, 2015. Courtesy of the artist and garcía galería, Madrid


Yet, for the jury, the process of choosing is tremendously delicate. As the Director at Bergen Kunsthall Martin Clark remembers from his positive experience as juror in 2014, “it is never easy to give a prize like this. Are you giving it to the most interesting artist or works? or to the best or most ambitious booth, from a more curatorial perspective?.” That year, the winner was Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles, because, in Clark’s words, they “really tried to be ambitious about what they could do within the context of their booth.” Indeed, “it is always good to see a gallery prepared to take a chance, to show perhaps a single artist in some depth, or use the platform of the fair to introduce an artist or practice which is perhaps less familiar, maybe less commercial, but which would benefit from the exposure the opportunity of the fair brings,” Clark glossed.

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy (with Natsuko Uchino), KERAMIKOS, 2012 – 2013. Installation view at Kunsthalle Baden Baden, Baden, 2013. Courtesy of the artist; Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles; and Kunsthalle Baden Baden, Baden.


Another prize of miart dedicated to the youngsters, this time to the artists, is the Rotary Club Milano Brera Prize, initiated long ago by Christian Marinotti. Founder of Marinotti Editions, a vibrant, Milan-based publishing house with a focus on art and architecture, nine years ago Marinotti pioneered, together with the Rotary Club Milano Brera, the first external partnership of miart by sponsoring a prize, and for young artists too. Indeed, when asked about this choice, he said to the Carnet that “we all, who operate in the art world, know too well the importance of such prizes: they represent a fundamental tool to both sustain contemporary art, and disseminate its knowledge, by fostering its values.”

Every year, a special commission nominated by the Rotary Club Milano Brera work on the selection criteria and theme upon which the choice will be made. For example, last year’s winner was Francesco Jodice, whom artwork What We Want, Tulum Pueblo, M05AB (2006) has been awarded by the jury for it “outline[s] the geopolitical atlas of a world in constant transformation, revealing its critical points. Jodice’s work narrates communities and their places through an essential language and an analytical perspective, always open to further interpretations.”


Francesco Jodice, What We Want, Tulum Pueblo, M05AB, 2006. Courtesy of the artist