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The New Prizes

March 20, 2017 All-around miart 1 Comment

With less than two weeks before the opening of miart, here at Carnet we are happy to feature the stories behind the 3 new prizes that the 2017 edition of miart has introduced in its offer: the Fidenza Village Prize for Generations, the On Demand Prize and the BeART Prize for Emergent.


Rocco Zhao
Desirée Bollier’s portrait. Photo: Rocco Zhao


For the Generations section, where each booth—shared by two different galleries—presents a dialogue between works by two artists from different generations, miart has partnered with Value Retail/Fidenza Village to create the Fidenza Village Prize for Generations. The 10.000 Euro prize will be assigned to the best dialogue within the Generations section by an international jury composed by Björn Geldhof, Artistic and Strategic Director, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku and Artistic Director, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev; Stefan Kalmár, Director, ICA – Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; and Gianfranco Maraniello, Director, MART – Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto.
With this prize, Value Retail/Fidenza Village continues its commitment towards the sustainment of arts and creativity, whose extensive programme of sponsorships has recently included the exhibition “Depero il Mago” (Depero, the Wizard) at Fondazione Magnani Rocca. For this reason, we spoke with Desirée Bollier, Chair at Value Retail, about the role of Value Retail/Fidenza Village in supporting modern and contemporary art within the framework of miart. “At Value Retail we have an unwavering commitment to celebrating creativity in all its forms and nurturing emerging talent—be it in fashion, art or design. Our European and Chinese Villages provide a stage to champion the work of rising stars and to provide access to accelerated commercial success in order to become the celebrated names of tomorrow. We are delighted to work with miart as a partner in this endeavour. We hope that, through the Fidenza Village Prize for Generations, we will help to raise the profile of the work of these artists,” she told us. More in general, this attitude belongs to the core values of Value Retail/Fidenza Village and, indeed, “providing our guests with exclusive access to emerging and established talent is part of the experience we strive to offer to our global travelling customers. A unique fusion of retail and art is an example of our wider commitment to continually surprise and delight the 37 million guests that we welcome across the Collection of Villages each year – offering them a one-off experience that they can’t find anywhere else. This is something we look forward to continuing in the years ahead.”


rudere interno
Michelangelo Frammartino, Alberi, video installation, 28′ loop, PS1 New York – CPH:DOC Copenhagen – Filmmaker Milan, 2013. Co-produced by Snaporazverein. Courtesy of Michelangelo Frammartino


Dedicated to the new section On Demand, which is the focus of this issue of Carnet de miart, the On Demand Prize is born to a partnership between miart and the production company Snaporazverein. The prize will be assigned to the best presentation within the section On Demand by an international jury composed by Gloria Moure, Art Historian and Independent Curator, Barcelona; Jean-Marc Prévost, Director, Carré d’Art – Musée d’art contemporain, Nîmes; and Florence Ostende, Curator, Barbican Art Gallery, London. Peculiarity of the prize (valued for 10.000 Euro) is that it will support a project by the awarded artist, yet to be realized in the future.
We took this occasion to talk to Snaporazverein’s Founder and Director Federica M. Bianchi about the role of her company within miart: “When I first heard about the new section conceived by Alessandro Rabottini, I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to discover more about it but, conversely, he anticipated and proposed me to participate. Of course, I accepted straight after; and now it comes the fun part! I am very curious to see the works that will be presented within the On Demand section, to talk to the artists and their gallerists, as well as to listen to and discuss with the jury. I like the idea that the prize is for the work that will be, especially within a commercial context. Indeed, I believe it could be the start of something new, because it could revise and update the modus operandi for the processes of production and commission, both in the public and the private spheres. However, it is important to remember that at the core of every creation is the contemporary artist; the one who recently seems having an increasing interest in going beyond the work of art as a conventional object, often by proposing works which are deliberately in progress or subject to unpredictable changes over time; in short, which are ‘open works.’ Moreover, the recent blurring between different artistic practices (such as the cross-disciplinary approach championed by cinema, video and dance) invites to reflect and to look for new dynamic interactions between the artist and the various stakeholders gravitating around the creation, production and distribution of the work. Although these are still open questions waiting for answers, I believe the On Demand section will benefit the situation by pushing it beyond the limits already known and tested.”
“Snaporazverein,” Bianchi added, “is a small project with a personal accent. However, since the beginning, it wanted to act as a bridge between the artists and their audience. My background is in Ancient Art, therefore it is more focused on a detailed study of the artist’s work, his presence and role in the artistic and social fabric of the time as well as of the places where he lived and worked. Then, a new world unfolded in front of me: the theater, which was decisive in making sense of everything I had done until that moment, and also to disclose to me another one, namely that of contemporary art. Forcefully, I found myself catapulted in the present. Led by a curiosity difficult to keep in check, since the beginning of Snaporazverein I tried to get closer to artists and projects with an evident vocation and penchant for research, for the exploration of the unknown. Indeed, I am interested in those processes of art making which are not afraid to risk something in order to convey courageous visions, points of view—especially when they might be difficult to access without the mediation of art. In sum, I try to work closely with the artists, always listening to what is happening or will happen. It is a commitment that every time I try to interpret with simplicity and awareness.”


“Outer Space” is the first exhibition dedicated to Italian art project spaces. Curated by Ginevra Bria, it has recently started a crowdfunding campaign on BeART.


Last but not the least, the BeART Prize for Emergent, is born to a partnership between miart and the crowdfunding platform BeART, the leading Italian crowdfunding platform for art creators and lovers. An international jury composed by Anna Gritz, Curator, Kunst-Werke – Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Balthazar Lovay, Artistic Director, Fri Art, Fribourg; and Sam Thorne, Director, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, will decide which will be the best booth within the section Emergent, deserving the 4.000 Euro prize. We talked to Mauro Mattei, Co-founder of BeART, about how he envisions the role of emerging art within miart and, more in general, which role BeART plays in the expanded context of the most recent Italian art scene. “The partnership between BeART and miart for the Emergent Prize is the tangible representation of BeART’s mission as interlocutors within the art world, also when it comes to offer financial support to the actual emerging initiatives. The BeART Prize for Emergent is part and parcel of our ongoing support not only to the galleries, but also to the artists, museums, institutions, independent spaces and residences. To have the chance to significantly contribute in the sustainment of emerging galleries and their young artists in their early stages—which are often very complex—, makes us very proud of this partnership to the extent that we hope it will be repeated next year,” he commented. “BeART is the first online crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to contemporary art. On the one hand, BeART provides to artists, gallerists, institutions and art professionals a new and efficient tool to independently collect funds and be financially autonomous: this self-sufficiency is often the criticality that concerns every aspect of emerging art and it is in this direction that our commitment as an innovative platform is focused. On the other hand, BeART enables the people who want to support emerging art not only to participate in the creative process since the beginning, but also to help a project by purchasing online exclusive rewards as a new contemporary approach to patronage and at the same time to collecting,” Mattei concluded.


Cover image: Meris Angioletti, Ut performance, c/o FRAC Champagne-Ardennes, Reims, 2016. Courtesy of FRAC Champagne-Ardennes, Reims. Co-produced by Snaporazverein.