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October 30, 2016 Editor's desk No Comments

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

After the positive experience of last year, miart is happy to present a brand new edition of Carnet de miart, the official online magazine of Milan’s International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair: your source for all the themes and topics of the event in the six months prior to the opening. This is our third year running (and the first under the artistic direction of Alessandro Rabottini) and we’re happy to celebrate this brief anniversary with some good news and a few announcements. First and foremost, we’re delighted to be joined by brilliant art researcher (and current MA candidate at Goldsmiths University, London) Bianca Stoppani, who will serve as main editor for the magazine this year.

As aficionados of Carnet de miart know, our main goal has always been making an art fair’s magazine a legitimate forum for the discussion on and around the production and circulation of art, and to drive this conversation with an inquiring mind. Thanks to Bianca’s writing skills and tireless editorial work, we feel we’re a little bit closer to achieving such goal. Another important news concerning the 2016/2017 edition of Carnet de miart is that the magazine is no longer published bi-weekly, every other Thursday; starting from today, November 1st, our publication will come out once a month. But this does not mean less articles and less work, rather the contrary. We’re aiming at delivering a more rich, substantial, all-encompassing periodical.

As a matter of fact, we’ve enlarged the scope and reach of the columns of the magazine. Each issue comes with a commissioned story dedicated to Milan, its cultural initiatives, architectonic gems and talented performers (Vaults of Milan) and also with a commissioned, image-based contributions by artists, representing their interpretation of the topics discussed in the magazine (Gestures); moreover, we’re introducing a new space dedicated to opinions on the current state of arts and culture by the many professional figures who support both miart and the city of Milan (Perspectives) as well as a column which thoroughly portrays the fair and its team, sharing the same idea of completeness of the all-around competition in gymnastics—and hence reflecting the visual identity of miart 2017 (All-around miart).

We hope you’d like what we’ve put together over the past couple of months. As always, we promise to borrow nothing and to present mainly original material. Our deepest gratitude goes to all the people that have contributed to the current issue (and to those already working to deliver the next one). Last but not least, we can’t stress enough that without the labor of the indefatigable professionals at Studiolabo—one of Milan’s leading companies in the field of concept and communication design AND Carnet de miart’s one-and-only web designer since it’s beginning—this publication would not have been possible.


That’s all for now from the newsroom. Keep cool but care,

Alessandro Rabottini, Artistic Director, miart
Nicola Ricciardi, Editor-in-chief, Carnet de miart
Bianca Stoppani, Editor, Carnet de miart