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Carnet de voyage

December 19, 2016 Editor's desk No Comments

Welcome on board of the second issue of the new edition of Carnet de miart – the last one for this dense 2016. Our goal was to use this issue to offer a lively overview of modern Italian art. Yet, with the memories of the year gone by fading slowly, and the holidays approaching quickly, we also felt in the mood for some travelling. Or at least virtual travelling.

First, we took a stroll down memory lane and around Milan, following the footsteps of the likes of Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, and Bruno Munari and all those artists that, sharing an experimental approach, came together to build the foundations of a “workshop-city”. Our guest contributor Anna Castelli takes us there in this issue’s Vaults of Milan column.

Moving over, we left Milan and travelled northbound for about 50 miles to reach the Erno river, a short affluent of the Maggiore Lake. Here, about 70 years ago, a family-run company started its journey from a small-scale raincoat makers to an international manufacturer of winter clothes, one of the first Italian brands opening to the Japan market. Today, under the lead of the very son of the founders, Claudio Marenzi, Herno is one of the main supporters of miart, with a prize bearing the name of his company. Read more about this success story in our All-around miart section.

Then, since Lake Maggiore is less than 30 minutes from Malpensa Airport, we decided to turn our road-tripping adventure into a journey overseas. So, we ideally took off to New York, where we had the chance to take a closer look at the reception of modern Italian art in the United States. From New York’s Center of Italian Modern Art (CIMA) to the sublime collection of Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu, you can follow our little tour in our Perspectives column.

In New York we also (virtually) met with artist Ugo Rondinone, who designed the wallpaper for this issue of Carnet de miart (see Gestures). The poetic, dream-like installation by Rondinone set us in the mood for some daydreaming – so the last stretch of our journey, rather than through lands and seas, has been through ages: a mesmerising time travel through the XX century guided by Alberto Salvadori, curator of the Decades and Masters sections of miart 2017. Find out more in our second All-around miart piece for this issue.

Last but not least, speaking of journeys, we would like to use this post also to wish fair winds and following seas to Eugenia Spadaro who, in January, will start a new working adventure. Her contribution to the first two editions of Carnet de miart (2015 and 2016) has been tremendous if not crucial.

Hope you will enjoy the chronicle of our wanderings.

Keep cool but care,

Alessandro Rabottini, Artistic Director, miart
Nicola Ricciardi, Editor-in-chief, Carnet de miart
Bianca Stoppani, Editor, Carnet de miart