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The On Demand Issue

March 20, 2017 Editor's desk No Comments

Welcome to this new issue of Carnet de miart!

This issue is dedicated to the On Demand section, which will explore context-based art, that is to site-specific works such as installations and wall paintings, projects to be completed, commissions, performances and so on.

For the All-Around miart column, we have asked miart’s Exhibitors Liaison and Special Projects as well as On Demand’s curator Oda Albera to explain us the idea behind the section in Art On Demand. To understand better the acceleration of the interest in time- and context-based works and how art institutions exhibit them, we have talked with Jean-Marc Prévost, Director at Carré d’Art – Musée d’art Contemporain, Nîmes; and Gloria Moure, Art Historian and Independent Curator, Barcelona; who, together with Barbican Art Gallery Curator Florence Ostende, will serve as jurors for the On Demand Prize. Finally, we sat down with Maurizio Morra Greco, Collector and Founder of Morra Greco Foundation in Naples; and Bruna & Matteo Viglietta, Collectors and Founders of Collezione La Gaia in Busca to explore how, on one hand, they began their collections, and how, on the other, the scale of the collection as well as of the acquired artworks have expanded through the years, to the point of implying a change in their agenda, from the private to the public.

Featured also in the All-around miart column, The New Prizes tells the stories behind the 3 new prizes that the 2017 edition of miart has introduced in its offer: Desirée Bollier, Chair at Value Retail, on the Fidenza Village Prize for Generations; Federica M. Bianchi, Founder and Director of Snaporazverein, on the On Demand Prize; and Mauro Mattei, Co-founder of BeART, on the BeART Prize for Emergent.

Authored by Sara Dolfi Agostini, Where the Artistic Languages Meet is a story about Milan’s tradition for experimentation and cross-pollination in the art field, which explores how that tradition is nowadays mastered by Milanese institutions such as PAC (Contemporary Art Pavilion), with its Curator Diego Sileo; Fondazione Prada, with its Project Director Astrid Welter; Pirelli HangarBicocca, with its Head of Cultural and Institutional Programmes Giovanna Amadasi; UOVO Performing Arts Festival, with its Founder Umberto Angelini, and Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, with its Artistic Director Massimiliano Gioni.

Finally, we have invited Vienna-based artist Benjamin Hirte to contribute to the Gestures column with an amazing, downloadable wallpaper.

Keep cool but care,

Alessandro Rabottini, Artistic Director, miart
Nicola Ricciardi, Editor-in-chief, Carnet de miart
Bianca Stoppani, Editor, Carnet de miart


Cover image: Photo-souvenir: invités au vernissage assemblés dans la cour intérieure précédant l’entrée de la galerie Apollinaire situées à gauche et dont la porte est condamnée par le travail in situ. © Photo: droits réservés.