Patrizio Di Massimo

For every issue, Carnet de miart presents a newly commissioned, image-based contributions by artists, representing their interpretation of the topics discussed in the magazine. All images will be downloadable to be potentially used as desktop wallpaper: an ironic means of further investigating the meaning of installing the work of an artist in a private space—as on someone’s personal computer. 

In the first issue of Carnet de miartPatrizio Di Massimo contributed with an intermediate stage of his painting Red, Yellow and Blue, 2016. As he told us, “the figures are treated with green, also called verditer, in order to create a base that contrasts with the pink/orange complexion, which is subsequently applied for glazes on top of this part. The composition of the image is taken from a Flemish deposition in which the figures and clothes have been replaced with a series of idiosyncratic characters, both fictional and portraited. The title refers to the three primary colours that stand out on the right side of the panel–one for each suit–in a composition otherwise mostly built with white, black and flesh tones.”

Patrizio Di Massimo (b. 1983; Jesi, IT) is an artist who lives and works in London. His most recent exhibitions include: “Lonesome Wife,” group show at Seventeen, London; “Vitrine,” solo show at NICC, Brussels; “Prediction,” group show at Mendes Wood DM, Sao Paulo; “Mundus Muliebris,” group show at Cura.Basement, Rome; “Domestic Appendices,” group show at T293 Gallery, Rome.