Benjamin Hirte

For every issue, Carnet de miart presents a newly commissioned, image-based contributions by artists, representing their interpretation of the topics discussed in the magazine. All images will be downloadable to be potentially used as desktop wallpaper: an ironic means of further investigating the meaning of installing the work of an artist in a private space—as on someone’s personal computer.


In the fifth and final issue of Carnet de miart, we are pleased to feature a contribution by artist Benjamin Hirte. As he told us: “This is the ‘Lochband Font’ which I designed some time ago and still use in my work. The idea of these letters initially came from a working tool, the ‘Lochband’ indeed, whose English translation is ‘plumbers tape.’ It is mainly used to strap all kinds of things together and attach them to the wall etc. Additionally, I like it because of its very basic form, since it consists of rectangles with punched out holes.”


Benjamin Hirte was born in 1980 in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and he currently lives and works in Vienna. Hirte uses a combination of objects and text within his works often to examine themes of semiotics, slang, and metaphor within cultural histories.