For every issue, Carnet de miart presents a newly commissioned, image-based contributions by artists, representing their interpretation of the topics discussed in the magazine. All images will be downloadable to be potentially used as desktop wallpaper: an ironic means of further investigating the meaning of installing the work of an artist in a private space—as on someone’s personal computer.


In the fourth issue of Carnet de miart, we are pleased to feature a contribution by Formafantasma. As they told us: “This is a collage that refers to a project we are working on at the moment. It is called OreStreams and we are going to present it at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, in December. The project investigates the relationship between the electronic products, the use of precious metals for their production and urban mining. Considering the digital nature of this wallpaper and likewise its circulation, mainly via screens, to us this seems a way to reflect on the way we consume.”


Andrea Trimarchi (1983) and Simone Farresin (1980) are Studio Formafantasma, an Italian designers duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.